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What does OtakuNet offer to its users?

Otaku Net offers a variety of goods to be purchased at the shop. From Minecraft/GMod perks to forum tags, a large selection of choices are offered for a small simple donation to help support the site. We also allow users to directly donate days and provide many opportunities to keep the site running. Check out our shop today! A lot of sales, giveaways are periodically done to give even more to the OtakuNet community.

Otaku Net's pride is it's warm, welcoming community which allows new users to feel welcomed and feel that he/she belongs here at Otaku Net. A large discussion forum and chat are offered here as well as various events and updates which give users something to look forward to. We have multiple associations with fantastic communities and individuals that you could talk to on our site! Meet new friends, along with new experiences~ We also provide many opportunities for users to interact with our associated YouTubers! Be sure to be updated as the events here are definitely not worth missing out on!

Another complimentary asset that Otaku Net provides its users with is a Minecraft Server. IP: otakunet.me It is a factions server with a very unique anime twist. There are many anime references on the server and it is enjoyable to play on as the staff and players are all friendly. We also offer a DarkRP Garry's Mod Server. Server: otknet.game.nfoservers.com:27015, be sure to check it out! We also have multiple rabb.it rooms for you to watch movies/stream with your friends, a Dubtrack room for music and a Discord room which allows for users to talk, chat and game at the same time.

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